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Amidst challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, a renowned car leasing company sought a solution to manage its short-term lease fleet efficiently. Discover how Aktrion's agile approach and innovative mobile technical zones transformed the landscape of vehicle processing and maintenance


In 2023, a prominent car leasing company sought a new partner to manage their short-term lease fleet due to limitations with their existing one. Compounded by the COVID-19 crisis, which left many vehicles idle beyond their lifespan, timely vehicle deliveries became a challenge. Initially focused on new vehicle processing, the project swiftly expanded to include maintenance and repairs, facilitated by Aktrion's agile setup of mobile technical zones.

Solution implemented

Provided Solutions

Storing new cars pending all necessary documentation, receiving end-of-contract (EOC) cars and preparing them for sale, including the entire process:

  • Reception of vehicles
  • cleaning inside and outside
  • EOC inspection
  • Preparing damage estimates and repairing and/or maintaining the car
  • Taking 360° photos and storing them pending sale
  • Coordinating all necessary transport

Implementation Process

Firstly, we launched fast start-ups with mobile technical zones, including mobile lifts, a mobile paint lab, and a mobile spray booth.

Secondly, we installed and implemented a comprehensive infrastructure, including two paint booths, a high-tech automatic paint lab, four smart boxes for small damage repair, two preparation zones, nine technical zones for maintenance and repairs, an HEV battery center, an underbody scan facility, and an AI scanner for damage inspection.


Key results

Over the past year, Aktrion has demonstrated its ability to execute orders quickly, efficiently, and with a customer-centric approach. As a trusted partner for a premier Fleet and Leasing Company, Aktrion has been able to provide a significant solution for the short-term vehicle fleet. The inspections, storage, and repairs of vehicles have been of great importance.

Lessons learned

Our operational capabilities have been significantly scaled up, and our customer experience and support have been fully expanded and tailored to customer needs. This is what sets us apart: our ability to understand and address customer needs, always with a focus on achieving mutual success. This project has been a rich source of operational lessons, guiding our growth and helping us navigate the associated challenges. We've taken these lessons to heart, strengthening our processes and demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement.

Future opportunities

With the expansion of infrastructure, personnel, and additional operational capabilities, Aktrion can handle a larger capacity. Aktrion is also well-prepared for electric vehicles, as our client has already begun electrifying part of its fleet.

Aktrion can provide significant support in this regard, including delivering battery condition reports, repairing HV systems, and servicing battery packs.

Encouragement to readers

Aktrion is a top partner in the automotive sector, providing comprehensive solutions to leasing companies and businesses with fleets. Our services encompass vehicle warehousing, cleaning, inspection, smart repair, bodywork, maintenance, fleet management, and remarketing support. With our innovative and highly customer-centric approach, we lead the industry, assisting our partners in strengthening and optimizing their fleet management. Are you seeking a partner who can exceed your expectations and cater to your ultimate needs? Contact us today!

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