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QPDI: Optimising European Operations

Aktrion ensures that the vehicles meet European standards through rigorous QPDI, enhancing quality and customer satisfaction.


The discerning European consumer demands a near-perfect product, especially regarding cars. Production must be a fast and efficient, especially when car manufacturers react quickly to market changes and face significant technical challenges. Therefore, the chances of minor and major issues arising in the production process despite quality controls at the factory are normal. Still, the factory production process cannot be stopped for minor product imperfections.

To ensure the smooth introduction of a new electric vehicle and the import of these cars into Europe, a large US-based OEM knocked on Aktrion's door, as we have been loyal partners for decades.

Solution Implemented

The cars are produced in North America and then shipped to the port of Antwerp. These cars arrive by ship, sometimes in their thousands, and must be inspected immediately. It was quite a hassle, so Aktrion built a QPDI (Quality Pre-Delivery Inspection) center at the port. All major and minor issues are spotted during this process, from dust under the paint, and damage by transport, to color differences in painted body parts. After identification, the problems are repaired very quickly, thus guaranteeing large volumes.

The OEM also asked Aktrion to start a QPDI process for two rugged new models. European homologation legislation differs from North American legislation, so adjustments are needed. Just think of different lighting tunings in cars, for example, but also rules around GPS and towbars. Where necessary, we make structural and software adjustments to the vehicles.

Finally, car storage was also guaranteed. To avoid import taxes, the warehouse in Sint-Niklaas became a 'customs area'. Aktrion has three sites in Sint-Niklaas where we can store more than 5,000 cars. Also, for the OEM, Aktrion further developed the in-house software, Arrow, to ensure that the OEM required checkpoints and requirements were followed. This routine also ensures optimal deployment of inspectors, which is essential to processing large volumes cost-efficiently.


The 'errors' discovered during the QPDI were meticulously recorded and classified by Aktrion. They were discussed and analysed with the OEM to improve the production process at the plant. This ultimately resulted in an even better product and, thus, higher customer satisfaction. Aktrion's reports showed that the reported quality problems were reduced after production adjustments at the plant.

The partnership with the OEM has put Aktrion on the map as a professional partner for vehicle inspections, modifications, and repairs. Therefore, Aktrion is the partner of choice for car manufacturers to reduce costs and improve product quality.

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