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At Aktrion, we thrive on challenges, seeing them as opportunities for innovation and progress. We embrace them, knowing they forge the path togroundbreaking discoveries and advancements. We don't just watch; we act,driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and efficiency.

We dive deep, uncovering issues others may miss, including our own clients. Going beyond the surface, our keen insight, talented team, and thorough analysis reveal root causes, not just symptoms.

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OCS Group serves as the parent company of Aktrion, operating under Operational Continuity Solutions (OCS). As a global leader in facilities services, OCS caters to over 8,000 customers worldwide, boasting a workforce of 120,000 professionals across the UK, Europe, APAC, and the Middle East.

While OCS provides comprehensive support to various industries, it particularly emphasises Automotive Industry (OEM) Services.

Aktrion, a subsidiary of OCS, leverages over 30 years of expertise within the automotive sector. Specialising in quality services, paint-shop maintenance, detailing, and cleaning, Aktrion serves global OEMs and tier 1 suppliers with unparalleled dedication and proficiency.

Our mindset

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High tech

We love technology. It runs in our veins or is in our DNA. We use tech, we develop tech, we fix tech. Technology is key.
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High quality

We are no followers; we set the industry standards for quality, by rigorous testing, incredible talent and improvement.
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High innovation

Innovating is our thrusting force. By innovating our way of working, we help our clients innovate theirs. 
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High motivation

Yes, we can! Every problem has a solution, and we won’t stop until we find it, no matter the scoop. 
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Hi Human

We value empathy, ethics and personal development internally and in our customer relationships.
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