What is arrow
Arrow, our cutting-edge real-time reporting system, is a web-based portal that meticulously monitors and reports activities throughout the entire supply chain. From the initial stages of supplierdevelopment and approval to the final lineside assembly, Arrow ensures comprehensive coverage without redundancy.

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive tracking capabilities, Arrow's system stands out, providing unmatched visibility into inspection results.

The responsive design facilitates "anywhere" access, providing the necessary tools for efficient decision-making and staying ahead of the curve.

Arrow's strength is its real-time results, which provide instant insights for swift decision-making. This feature is particularly beneficial in fast-paced environments, where quick and informed decisions are crucial, giving you the confidence to act decisively.

Centralized document management is a crucial feature, streamlining workflow by consolidating essential files in one accessible location, whatever the device. With Arrow's accessible reporting features, tailoring actionable information for internal reviews or external stakeholders is effortless, avoiding duplication of efforts.

In the fast-paced business landscape, Arrow serves as a catalyst for efficiency, offering real-time insights, continuous analysis, centralized document management, and accessible reports. It goes beyond meeting expectations; it exceeds them. Experience the future of business management with Arrow.

The software system

Arrow was developed by Aktrion as a result of its experience in supply chain management and allows documents to be uploaded so all information is in one place.
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Real-time results

Real-time results for rapid countermeasure actions at your base.
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Automated issue escalation

Bespoke, automated escalation of issues directly to your phone.
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Analysis and statitics

Ongoing analysis and statistics cover PPM to chronological trend data.
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Exportable data

Easily exportable data for personalized formatting.
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Centralized documents

Job-specific documents (SOP/RA/Eng Change, etc.) are centralized for easy review and update.
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Accessible data

Accessibility of data on your phone or PC anytime, anywhere.
Integrate seamlessly with Arrow via our API for streamlined data exchange. Enhance efficiency and accuracy in workflows while enjoying real-time updates and customizable solutions.
Arrow software

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