How Aktrion Transformed Aerometallic’s Production Process

Aerometallic, a subsidiary of AERNNOVA since 2003, is based in Tarazona (Zaragoza) and specializes in machining aeronautical parts, surface treatment, and assembly of small components. They operate two factories: a 16,000 m² machining facility with advanced 5-axis capabilities and a 20,000 m² facility for surface treatment and coating. Their engineering department focuses on machining and programming improvements to enhance product quality.


Aerometallic faced the challenge of enhancing their manufacturing process for aircraft parts to meet the specific requirements of various brands. This included ensuring precise drilling, eliminating machining imperfections, and conducting thorough inspections to guarantee product specifications. The primary objective was toperform specialized tasks that the client could not execute in-house, ensuring compliance with stringent dimensional and surface finish criteria, while adhering to strict delivery schedules.

Solutions Implemented

Provided Solutions

Aktrion implemented several solutions to address Aerometallic's needs:

  • Precise drilling and enlargement of machined holes.
  • Deburring and polishing parts as specified.
  • Conducting dimensional measurements and appearance reviews.
  • Providing storage services for finished parts.
  • Continuously communicating for potential improvements or changes in appearance criteria.

Implementation Process

Aktrion's implementation process included:

  • Creating procedures and documentation for AS 9100 certification.
  • Developinga work process and quality manual with Aerometallic.
  • Investingin specialized facilities and equipment, including a 1,000 m² area fordrilling, deburring, inspection, and storage.
  • Certified personnel in deburring, drilling, and dimensional inspection.



Key Results

Aktrion's solutions enabled Aerometallic to meet stringent specifications and delivery schedules, significantly enhancing their manufacturing process. The partnership ensured high-quality outcomes, improved customer satisfaction, and compliancewith industry standards.

Lessons Learned

The collaboration highlighted the importance of continuous improvement andeffective communication. By addressing Aerometallic's specific needs, Aktrion reinforced the value of tailored solutions and adaptive strategies in complex manufacturing environments.

Future Opportunities

With the successful implementation of the project, Aerometallic is well-positioned to expand its capabilities. Future opportunities include further optimization ofmachining processes, exploration of new technologies, and potential scaling ofoperations to handle increased demand.

Encouragement to Readers

Aktrion stands out as a top partner in the aeronautical sector, providing comprehensive solutions that exceed client expectations. If you are seeking a partner who can deliver exceptional results and cater to your specific needs, Aktrion is readyto assist you in optimizing your manufacturing processes and achieving mutual success.

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